Savannah is a human who lives in Mane's House. She is not married and has no children.

Savannah is a member of Valerie's Harem.




Siblings Bryanna
Children None


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Savannah is Bryanna's younger sister, bearing a striking resemblance to her in looks, but drastically different from her in behavior. Savannah is a genius, having obtained a Bachelor's degree in marine biology at the age of 15. However, an incident involving Bryanna set off the chain of events that would prevent her from continuing her education. The two sisters had arguments nearly every time they met, all of which resulting in an unexpected ceasefire due to sisterly love. When they were younger, it would just be an apology and a hug, but as they grew older, these arguments would gradually lead to long embraces, sensual touching, kissing, and ultimate, sex. The first time the last result almost happened, Bryanna was kicked out of the house by their parents. Savannah followed her, at the cost of a relationship with her parents and the finances to support her education. Although she knew about Bryanna's relationship with Thomas, she didn't meet Valerie until well after she began to collect members for her harem. She was soon given to Mane as a slave, but Mane became attached to her in the way that he is attached to his own daughters. Savannah displays a loyalty far stronger than that of any other girl in the harem, which is shown by the devotion she has given to Mane.