Stark is a Typhlosion who lives in Mt. Chimney. He was married to Sonia, is married to Rosa, and has four children.


Biological Father (deceased)

Biological Mother (deceased)

Star (adoptive father)

Kallen (adoptive mother)


Nicole (adoptive sister)

Zoey (adoptive sister)


Axel (by Sonia)

Erika (by Sonia)

Morgan (by Sonia)

Zack (by Sonia)


Stark is larger than most Typhlosion, and the flames on his collar are white/gray instead of the normal red/orange.


Caught in the crossfire of an especially brutal battle between Star and Arceus, the residents of Stark Mountain were used as a distraction by the latter in an attempt to end the former's pursuit. Arceus blew apart a large portion of the mountain, causing a cave-in that killed many of the Pokemon dwelling within it, including Stark's mother. Just a newborn, Stark was completely unaware of what was going on, and he was taken in by Star as the last request of his dying mother. Both Star and Rage trained him extensively, grooming him into a warrior capable of handling Arceus' forces with relative ease. Stark married Sonia shortly before reaching his full potential, giving him enough time to start a family. Even while his power had peaked, he didn't have enough responsibilities to stifle his involvment with his family, allowing him to see all of his children grow into adults. However, once Star had given him complete command of the army, he practically had no time to spend with Sonia, though he went to noticeable lengths to spend time with Dawn, to whom he admitted he had lost complete interest in his marriage. With her advice, Stark decided to move on from his relationship with Sonia and pursue one with a girl named Rosa, who he had fallen in love with during a recruiting mission in Unova. They married shortly after reuniting, which only strengthened Rosa's infatuation with Stark, resulting her clinging to his side at all times and becoming furious when someone attempts to seperate them. Stark, however, finds this behavior adorable, which is why he encourages it. Stark's romance with Rosa has completely stunted his work ethic, piling more of the load onto his sons Axel and Zack, and his grandson Volken.